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#vlog 01: The Alice Cooper Show

Time for something completely new for the channel. It's a VLOG! That's right, just what we needed. I wanted to do this to document my son's first ROCK show experience. We took the trip to Greenville, SC to see one of my all time favorite artists, Alice Cooper. I didn't get to see Alice until I was 17 years old. Dominique got him at 8! It was a blast to share this experience with him. What better show for a first than the theatrical awesomeness of Alice Cooper?If you want to see more of these Vlogs, make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought!
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Announcing the Best Godzilla Movie Poll!

Beginning on February 1, 2018, we're going to decide once and for all which Godzilla movie is the greatest of all time!  Over on the YouTube channel, we'll release a video each week of February where you'll be able to vote on which movie YOU think is the best from a particular category.  What are those categories?  Well, I'm glad you asked.Best ShowaBest HeiseiBest MillenniumBest...uh, Other!That's right, each week you'll have the opportunity to cast your vote for the best Godzilla movie from each particular era.  The following week, I'll announce the winner of the previous week while presenting the new selections.  At the end of the 4 weeks, we'll vote on the best of the best.  
I'm going to need help from the community on this one.  Our last poll was a success and I'd like to keep that going by answering this age old question.  Here's the breakdown on what to expect and when:
Feb. 1, 2018 - Best Showa Era FilmFeb. 8, 2018 - Best Heisei Era F…

What is the most ICONIC Godzilla To YOU?

I need the community's help on this one.  I'm trying to figure out which version of Godzilla is the definitive version.  As fans, we've all jumped on board during different eras.  To some, the '54 version may be the iconic image that immediately springs to mind when you hear the name Godzilla.  To others, it could be one from the 80's or 90's.  It could also be one of the American versions.  I'm trying to find out which variation is the definitive version that fans think of when thinking of Godzilla.  I hope this makes sense!  
To answer this question, I've created a poll featuring every Godzilla movie (as well as an add your own spot).  Simply pick the movie that contains your ideal mental image of Godzilla.  Don't just pick your favorite movie.  Pick which movie contains that version of Godzilla that's ideal to YOU!  I'll leave the poll up for a week and when all results are tallied, we'll hopefully have an idea of what pops into people…

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Movie Review

The God of Thunder has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this weekend's release of Thor: Ragnarok.  This third entry in the Thor series has made some major changes to the Asgardian.  Don't worry, this is a non-spoiler review.  It's safe to read before you've seen the film.  

Overall, this is the best of the film of the Thor franchise.  Director Taika Waititi has crafted something that is both deathly serious and immensely humorous.  The Thor in this film is different from previous incarnations.  While still retaining the almost naive sensibilities from previous MCU entries, his sense of humor really shines here.  We've seen flashes in the past of it, but Chris Hemsworth really lets loose here.  His interactions with Loki, Valkyrie and the Hulk are at times laugh out loud funny.  Humor is definitely the defining trait of this one.  

As seen in the trailers, we're introduced to other Marvel characters for the first time.  The main villain, Hela is more o…

Halloween Horrorsplosion 2017 Trailer Playlist!

Every day this month we'll be showcasing another classic horror movie trailer over on my YouTube channel.  You read the reviews last year, now dig into some moving pictures to help you hopefully discover something new to sink your fangs into!  While I'm swamped at work this month, hopefully this helps to keep things going until I can get back to a regular video upload schedule.  
There's two weeks left til Halloween.  Halloween.  Halloween.  Two more weeks til Halloween, Silver Shamrock.

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1,000 Subscriber Special! Channel History and Giveaway Information!!

We did it.  We made it to 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! To celebrate, here's a brief channel history and information on the first GIVEAWAY that I'm doing!  Be sure to watch until the end for the details on how to grab your own copy of the NES classic Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!