Indiana Jones and The Dial Of Destiny | 2023 | Movie Review

"Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" delivers a solid dose of nostalgic adventure, reminiscent of its beloved predecessors. Director James Mangold takes the reigns from Steven Spielberg and delivers a film that puts a modern spin on a classic franchise.  

Harrison Ford shines as an aging and cantankerous Indiana Jones, bringing authenticity to his iconic character. Phoebe Waller-Bridge impresses with her performance, injecting wit and charm into the film. The storyline, however, suffers from excessive length at 2.5 hours, making it feel bloated and stretched thin at times. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Mads Mikkelsen as a Nazi trying to course correct and win World War 2 for Germany adds depth to the narrative, particularly in its thematic exploration. 

For fans craving a classic Indiana Jones experience with a modern twist, this film offers heart and plenty of punches, both literal and metaphorical, against its Nazi adversaries.

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3 nostalgia trips out of 5