Ted | 2012 | Movie Review


"Ted" is a comedy that certainly delivers on its unique premise - a teddy bear that comes to life and grows up with his owner, sharing a lifelong bond and indulging in all kinds of antics. While the movie offers a fair share of laughs and moments of absurdity, it falls short in some aspects, preventing it from reaching true comedy greatness.

The film's strongest point undoubtedly lies in the chemistry between Mark Wahlberg's character, John, and the CGI-animated Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Their dynamic feels genuine and is responsible for a lot of the movie's humor. The banter and interaction between the two play out in a way that truly highlights the essence of their lifelong friendship, making you root for their quirky bond.

However, where "Ted" falters is in its reliance on shock humor and repetitive gags. As the directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane, known for his work on "Family Guy," the film's humor often delves into crude and raunchy territory. While this works in parts and might hit the mark for fans of MacFarlane's style, it can feel excessive and detract from the movie's potential appeal to a broader audience. Additionally, some of the jokes seem to overstay their welcome, with certain running gags losing their charm over the course of the film.

The supporting cast adds a sprinkle of variety to the movie, with performances from Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, and Joel McHale. Unfortunately, their characters often feel underdeveloped and relegated to secondary roles, not fully capitalizing on the comedic talent these actors bring.

From a technical standpoint, the integration of the animated Ted into the real world is impressive. The visual effects make Ted's interactions with the environment and characters seamless, allowing for the suspension of disbelief and immersion into the fantasy of a living teddy bear.

In the end, "Ted" succeeds in offering a distinctive and at times uproarious comedy experience. However, it struggles to strike a balance between its shock-driven humor and its heartwarming premise. If you're a fan of Seth MacFarlane's humor or enjoy buddy comedies with a twist, you're likely to have a good time with this film. For others seeking a more nuanced and refined comedic experience, "Ted" might leave you wanting just a bit more substance and restraint.

3.5 inappropriate jokes out of 5