Terrifier | 2016 | Movie Review


This is a flick that I've been hearing about for years now.  I just never got around to checking it out.  I finally decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and check it out on a hot 4th of July.  Nothing says America like a throwback 80's gore fest slasher film.  

This is not high art.  This is reminiscent of the grindhouse pics of old.  It was filmed on a budget of $55,000.  Seriously.  $55k.  They do good work with that budget.  The gore is fantastic and the kills are inventive.  Art the Clown is modern day horror icon.  He's got the look.  He's got the personality.  He's got the kills.  It's good stuff in a super sleazy way.  

While there's some obvious issues with lighting, it helps to give it that low budget feel.  For the most part, it looks good despite having that digital haze on it that so many low budget films have.  Throw some grain on it and watch it in 4:3 and you'd probably not even notice.  In fact, if you got rid of the cell phones in the movie, this could be an 80's/90's gorefest.  (By the way, this movie is now available on VHS.  It's super collectible, so good luck getting a copy)!

I'm glad to see some unapologetic gore in modern movies.  This is a fun throwback that'll definitely scratch the itch if you've run out of classic slashers.  

3 hacksaws out of 5

Terrifier is currently (as of the time of writing) available on Tubi to watch for FREE.  It's also available HERE on blu-ray!