Day 10: Let The Right One In (2008)

A Swedish movie about a 12 year old boy who leads a pretty boring life of being bullied at school and playing outside alone in suburban Stockholm is somehow one of my favorite vampire movies of all time.  Let the Right One In is certainly a more off-kilter pick for our October Horrorsplosion™, but I love this movie so much.  Again, it’s about young Oskar, a kind and thoughtful kid dealing with some cruel bullies at school.  Oskar befriends a young girl (Eli) that lives in his neighborhood, and they quickly fall for each other.  It turns out Eli is not a normal kid.  She’s a vampire whose father takes it upon himself to gather her victims and feed her need for blood.  Eli’s powers give Oskar a bit more confidence in his dealings with the bullies, and the manifestation of her powers in that arena is quite something to behold.  There is no schlock here.  This doesn’t feel like a horror movie at all.  It feels like a masterful depiction of a really good novel.  I love how thoughtful the movie is, and I love the story.  It will definitely expand your appreciation of the genre.  Check it out!  Do it now!  


Our Rating: 4/5