Everything Everywhere All At Once | 2022 | Review


Why is Everything Everywhere All At Once getting such praise from all angles?  It's a film about a family that runs a failing laundromat and is completely falling apart.  It also happens to be the best multiverse movie this year.  Yep.  It's even better than Marvel's Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.  While that film is good in it's own right, Everything Everywhere All At Once explores the concept much more interestingly.  

The film starts slowly and does not prepare you for what you're going to witness.  You meet Evelyn and her husband Wayland (played by the fantastic Ke Huy Quan) who are going through marital issues on top of their business failing.  They're also dealing with the same sex relationship of their daughter Joy.  This all sounds like a standard drama.  That's how it's played.  And then things just explode into craziness.  

The turn in this film is a complete 180 and goes from a standard drama to a completely wacky sci-fi/action film.  It's hard to explain without delving into spoilers, so suffice to say that it's totally nuts!  

The cast gives it their all.  Michelle Yeoh gives a stunning performance as Evelyn, the protagonist that's literally the worst at everything.  In fact, it's this attribute that leads to her becoming the hero of the film.  Ke Huy Quan (yes, Short Round himself) gives a fantastic double performance that alternates between sad husband and ass kicking warrior.  Stephanie Hsu gives a stand out performance as Joy.  The film co stars Jamie Lee Curtis and James Hong.  This cast is something special.  

Who would have thought that a film that takes place primarily in an IRS office and a laundromat could be one of the best films of the year?  I did not expect it.  But damn if Everything Everywhere All At Once is not an awesomely fun time.  The Daniels did a hell of a job with this thing!

Definitely see it as soon as you can!

4.5 raccoon puppeteers out of 5.