Alice Cooper | Breadcrumbs EP | 2019 Review

Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs 2019 Artwork (earMusic)

The living legend and master of shock rock, Alice Cooper, is back with his newest release, The Breadcrumbs EP.  This 22 minute collection of (mostly) covers is a love letter to the Detroit guitar rock sound that Cooper and his original band members built their legendary career on.  With contributions from the Detroit classic rock elite, Cooper's take on these songs have a bounce and feel that calls back to his early 70's heyday.  

Things kick off with an updated take on the 2003 Eyes of Alice Cooper track "Detroit City."  While this new version has more energy than the original track, the lack of a definitive chorus hurts it.  If the original chorus would have been included instead of inside references to the title city, this could qualify as a classic Alice track.  The only other original Alice Cooper track on this collection is the new "Go Man Go" which is penned with the MC5's Wayne Kramer.  It's a nice uptempo rocker that outshines "Detroit City 2020" in most ways.  

Bob Seger's "East Side Story," Suzi Quatro's "Your Mama Won't Like Me," Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels' "Devil With a Blue Dress On" and the MC5's "Sister Anne" round out this 6 song collection.  Cooper's take on these songs are both fairly faithful and completely Alice Cooper in all respects.  In particular "East Side Story" and "Your Mama Won't Like Me" perfectly fit the character that Cooper has portrayed for decades.  Bob Ezrin's production helps to give it that authentic Alice Cooper feel.  

The Breadcrumbs EP is not meant to be a serious release.  In fact, it's only physical release is a limited edition (to 20,000 vinyl copies).  It's meant as an extension of Cooper's side project, The Hollywood Vampires.  It's a musician paying respect to a sound that he was both inspired by and helped to create. 

This EP is a perfect way to tide fans over until the next official release.  It's good to see Cooper doing what he wants to do.  He's under no pressure to be Alice which in turn should help to make the next Alice Cooper album even better.  

Check out the EP now on all digital platforms including Spotify and iTunes.  For hardcore fans, the limited edition vinyl release is available HERE.