This Week On Our YouTube Channel (Jan. 22-28)

Man.  What a stacked week! I released more videos this week than at any other week in my YouTube career.  Half ended up on my channel while half ended up on another.  This has been a really fun week in editing and experimenting.  Check out this list to see what you may have missed over on my YouTube channel!

Monday Jan. 23

The Everywhen - Fame (David Bowie Cover) - Over the course of the week, I finished up editing a lot of the videos from the Everywhen's David Bowie tribute show.  This video was a 2 camera edit to a soundboard recording from the show.  

NARC (Nintendo Entertainment System) - I saw a full playthrough on YouTube of this game and realized that I had to play it.  This game is bonkers.  Basically, you're going through town shooting (or blowing up) drug dealers and perverts.  While the controls are jacked up somewhat, the game itself is definitely interesting.  Check it out if you get a chance.  

The Everywhen - My Death (David Bowie Cover) - This is a 2 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this haunting track.  It provided a bit more of a challenge because it's a solo acoustic performance.  I tried a couple of old stadium show tricks to spice things up a bit.  

Tuesday Jan. 24

Super Bomberman (Super Nintendo) - This has always been one of my favorite franchises.  There's just something about it.  When I recorded this video, I was really sick and just needed a comfort game to play.  This one definitely did the trick.  It's good times.  

The Everywhen - Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City (David Bowie Cover) - A 3 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this double shot from the classic Ziggy Stardust album.  

Wednesday Jan. 25

Comix Zone (Genesis) - Now this was a game that I only saw advertised in the back pages of comic books when I was a kid.  I never got the chance to play it.  It's a very interesting take on the comic book genre.  The game is basically a playable comic book.  While it's a pretty hard game, it's still quite fun.  

The Everywhen - Under Pressure (David Bowie Cover) - A 2 cam edit to a soundboard recording of the classic collaboration between Bowie and Queen.  A damn good version of this song.  

Thursday Jan. 26

Code Name: Viper (Nintendo Entertainment System) - This is a forgotten Capcom game.  It's not a bad game at all.  The controls are garbage though.  There's a crippling flaw with the jumping in this game.  And it gets me.  Repeatedly.  

The Everywhen - Changes (David Bowie Cover) - A one and a half cam edit to a soundboard recording of this Bowie hit.  Of all the videos I did for the Everywhen this week, this is my least favorite simply because of the limitations in available footage.  It's a great performance of the song though.  

The Everywhen - Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover) - A 2.25 cam edit to a soundboard recording of the band's cover of Bowie's first major hit.  Only one camera had the intro to this song so I had to improvise.  I grabbed a stock image of stars to throw in the background of the intro.  I do love that when the first chorus comes in, the footage shifts to full color.  

The Everywhen - Starman (David Bowie Cover) - A 3 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this Bowie jem.  For this one (and the next few), one of the cams was a vertical cell phone recording.  I had to crop a lot of the image out to make it fit the proper aspect ratio.  This pixelated the image a bit and made me have to "crap" up the other footage a bit to make it match.  However, the close ups provided by that cell phone footage made this one have a very interesting perspective.  I really like the way this one turned out.  

The Everywhen - Moonage Daydream (David Bowie Cover) - A 3 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this Ziggy era freakout.  Like Starman previously, the ability to use the crowd angle insert shots upped the energy level of this one.  This one turned out really well too.  The side angle may be my favorite.  

The Everywhen - Fashion (David Bowie Cover) - A 3 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this rarely covered Scary Monsters track.  This is a fun track.  It's not of of my favorite Bowie jams but this is a great cover of it.  

Friday Jan. 27

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (GameBoy) - This is the first GameBoy game on my channel.  Lance Thunderbird dropped by to play this one.  It's a really solid game that showed the power of the little gray brick.  

The Everywhen - Life on Mars? (David Bowie Cover) - A 2 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this all time Bowie classic.  

The Everywhen - All The Young Dudes (David Bowie (Mott the Hoople) Cover) - A 2 cam edit to a soundboard recording of this Bowie penned anthem.  This is a very solid version of the song that Mott the Hoople made famous.  

Saturday Jan. 28

Wheel of Fortune (Nintendo Entertainment System) - Why the hell did I choose to play this one?  This is without a doubt the worst game I've played in the Let's Play series.  I'm not sure if it's because I suck at it or because it's just so damn slow.  It's also one of the few Let's Play videos that was immediately hit with a thumbs down!  Good stuff.  

17 videos in one week.  Jumpin' Jebus!  While less than half of the videos appear on my channel, I'm quite happy with my production this week.  I've gained some more experience and had a good time editing all of those videos for the Everywhen.  I'm definitely looking forward to see what this next week holds.  

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