This Week On Our YouTube Channel (Jan. 15-21)

Starting today, each week I'll post a compilation of all of the videos released to YouTube for the previous week.  The majority of the videos will be ones posted to the PCC YouTube channel (  Occasionally, such as this past week, I'll also link you to videos that I made for other people.  Believe it or not, I do more than just game videos!

But most of them are game videos!

Monday Jan. 16

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Master System) - For the first time ever, I play the Sega Master System version of the Sega Genesis classic and mascot.  How does Sonic stand up on an 8-bit system?  Surprisingly well actually.  While not nearly as iconic as the Genesis version, Sonic on the Master System is a pretty good game.  

Tuesday Jan 17

Wizards & Warriors (Nintendo Entertainment System) - Wizards & Warriors is a game that I played a lot as a kid.  While a friend and I did a let's play for the sequel Ironsword a few years ago, I hadn't done one for the original that I loved so much back in the day.  I finally did.  Does it hold up?  Check out the video to see.

Wednesday Jan 18

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (Nintendo Entertainment System) - This is a game that I didn't even know existed until recently.  It's a simple platformer that's pretty fun.  There's nothing really special about this game really, but it is a fun straight forward sidescroller that's worth a play.

Thursday Jan 19

Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo) - Castlevania is one of the defining franchises for the original NES.  How does it translate over to the 16 bit SNES?  Amazingly well.  My boy Lance Thunderbird is back to give his take on this super scary sequel to the original trilogy.  This is one of the best SNES games!

Friday Jan 20

Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars! (Nintendo Entertainment System) - It's baseball.  With Robots!  That's right, this is no boring ass regular old baseball game.  It's one that has fighting robots.  Is there a run off between a baseman and a runner?  Let 'em fight it out to see if he can make it to the base!  This is a ridiculous and over the top game.  It's fun though.  Even though I may or may not have gotten completely destroyed!  

The Everywhen - Bring Me the Disco King (David Bowie Cover) - Full disclosure, my brother Chris McKay is in the band the Everywhen.  When I started seeing footage from their David Bowie 70th birthday celebration show from a few weeks back I got the urge to make a multi cam edit of a couple of songs.  I gathered 4 different audience cams of this song from YouTube and Facebook and edited them to a soundboard recording of the show.  It came out quite well.  It's a great performance of a completely overlooked late Bowie classic.  This is a special version of the song as well as it is a new arrangement arranged exclusively for the Everywhen by Bowie's long time piano player Mike Garson (who has seen this video).  This one is not on the PCC YouTube page.  I edited it and gave it the Everywhen to put on their page.  I'm just glad that I could help out.

Saturday Jan 21

Gun Nac (Nintendo Entertainment System) - The last let's play of the week is a completely overlooked shooter for the NES.  While Lifeforce and Gradius gets lots of love, Gun Nac is not nearly as popular. It's a shame too because this is a fantastic vertical shooter with a variety of weapons and options.  You can upgrade both your guns and bombs through collecting power ups or purchasing in the shop between rounds.  You also get to blow up a giant evil bunny.  Yep.  This is a really fun one that you should definitely track down if you've never played it.

The Everywhen - Aladdin Sane (David Bowie Cover) = This is the 2nd video that I made for the band the Everywhen.  They did their David Bowie 70th birthday show on January 13th in Athens, GA.  Even though I may be related to someone in the band, take a look at this footage and tell me that I'm wrong in saying that this band is completely badass.  There's very few bands that could pull off a convincing cover of this early 70's Bowie masterpiece.  Justin Sheffield on keys completely owns this video.  Once again, I took footage that was available on YouTube and Facebook and edited it into a multicam video for the band.  I'm proud to be able to help them out to get people aware of what this band is capable of!  They're a monster.  And of course, the song they're covering ain't that bad either!

As you can see, not a bad run of videos for this week.  In the past, my problem has always been consistency.  For the last month or so, I haven't had that issue.  I'm having a blast making these let's plays.  While the views may not quite be there, it's about the slow build.  I've gained subscribers on YouTube and my analytics are up.  Consistency is key.  While I don't expect to ever become a big YouTuber, I do have goals in mind.  It's great to see some of these goals being hit.  I have a lot more goals in mind too.  Feel free to help me out by subscribing over there if you have an interest in retro gaming at all.  Or, if you just wanna help a brotha out.  

If you've made it this far, thanks.  Each Sunday I'll be posting a recap of the previous week's videos.  It's a way that I can have everything linked up here on the official site as well.  I'm also still looking for suggestions on articles that you'd like to see.  If you have any suggestions, hit up the comments below and I'll see what we can do.