PopCultureCast Let's Plays??

That's right.  Starting this weekend, I'll be doing some Let's Plays.  Let's face it, YouTube doesn't have enough Let's Plays on there, so we're jumping into the ring.  For more info just...

So yep.  I'm gonna play some retro games.  The premise is simple.  I'll play one of the games for 10 minutes.  I'm not attempting to beat the games or to show off my prowess or anything like that.  I just wanna play some games!  It'll also be a showcase of just how hard some of these retro games are.  

The first in the series will be the NES classic, Ghost 'n Goblins.  This was suggested to me as a challenge.  See how far I can make it.  Guess we'll find out this weekend!  

The goal is to release one of the episodes at least every other day and then for it to become a daily thing.  It should be fun.

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