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Day 31: Halloween (1978)

Full disclosure: Halloween is my favorite horror movie of all time so my review is obviously about as biased as it gets.  It’s one of those movies I can watch multiple times, knowing full well everything that is going to happen, and it is still intense.  I love the cinematography.  I love the soundtrack.  I obviously have a thing for John Carpenter, and this is still his best movie as far as I’m concerned.  Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect in her breakout role, and the supporting cast is awesome as well.  The movie creates a wonderful sense of claustrophobia.  A sense that the victims are truly in an inescapable situation.  The best example of this is when Michael Myers has Laurie trapped in a closet and is slashing away with his chef’s knife.  The movie also has probably my favorite moment in any horror movie ever.  After the closet scene in which Laurie stabbed Myers in the eye with a wire clothes hanger and he falls to the floor, she is sitting in the hallway catching her breath.  Behind her we see Myers raise up at the waste and look over at her.  He basically does this freakish looking flat legged sit-up that doesn’t seem humanly possible.  We all knew it wasn’t over.  We all knew he was gonna get up, but the portrayal of that was perfect and just so chilling.  Halloween is the most influential and, quite simply, the best slasher movie of all time. 


Our Rating:  5/5


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