Day 26: A Bucket of Blood (1959)

1959's A Bucket of Blood is an underrated Roger Corman classic.  It stars the great character actor Dick Miller in one of his many stand out roles.  He plays Walter Paisley, the bus boy for a beatnik coffee shop who so desperately just wants to fit in.  One night he accidentally kills his landlord's cat and instead of telling it's owner what has happened, he does what any rational human would do in that situation.  He covers it in clay and calls it a sculpture.  He then takes the sculpture to the beatnik coffee shop where the pretentious assholes all laud him as an artistic genius.  After an awkward encounter with a new fan, Walter ends up committing murder and to cover his tracks, he once again "sculpts" his masterpiece.  Eventually, he keeps escalating until the final moments.  Is he found out?  Does this lovable scamp get what's coming to him?  Check it for yourself and see.  This really is a dark horror comedy that stands the test of time.  The coffee shop and it's beatniks could easily be replaced with today's coffee shops and hipsters.  It's just a story of a really social awkward and naive artist trying to fit in.  It's by no means a classic, but it's definitely worth the 65 minutes.  Enjoy the full movie below!  

Our Rating:  2.5/5