Day 22: Godzilla (1954)

Some people may argue that Godzilla isn't a horror movie.  I disagree.  The original 1954 (1956 in America) version is a serious monster movie dealing with the horrors of nuclear war by people who, less than a decade earlier, lived through that very thing.  Godzilla is not the joke and kid friendly super hero that he would become later, he's a destructive force of nature that destroys Tokyo and kills a lot of people.  The entire tone of this movie is dark and depressing with it's gritty black and white views of destruction and mayhem.  An unstoppable juggernaut that demolishes everything in it's path.  It doesn't shy away from showing the repercussions of Godzilla's attack.   There's shots of people getting trampled and the dead lying in the streets.  For one brief period in Godzilla's 60+ year history, he was not the hero that audiences rooted for.  He was the villain.  While I personally prefer the 60's and 70's version of Godzilla because of the sheer camp value and fun, there's no denying that the original Godzilla was a horrific allegory for the dangers of a nuclear world.  


Our Review:  3.5/5

With a new Japanese Godzilla film release this year, have a look back at the ridiculous moments from our favorite fire breathing monster's storied past.  A few years ago I compiled this list of all of my favorite Godzilla moments.  Have a look and enjoy some of the ridiculousness that the Godzilla series became.