Day 2: Monster Dog (1984)

Monster Dog is not a good movie.  In fact, it's pretty damn terrible.  However, as a massive fan of shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper, this film is a hell of a lot of fun.  Originally released in Italy, the entire soundtrack was over dubbed so the voice of shock rock pioneer Vince Raven (Cooper) is not even present.  That's right, Alice didn't even overdub his own voice!  And the voiceovers are done horribly.  This is a glorious disaster of a movie that deals with a rock star returning to his hometown to film a music video at the same time that a pack of wild dogs starts tearing people to shreds.  Apparently, Vince's family had a history with werewolves and so the townsfolk believe that Vince is responsible for the madness.  Is he?'ll have to watch and see.  The entire visual effects budget is used in the final "confrontation."  It's good times.  Seriously.  This is definitely one of those "so bad it's good" movies.  Unless you're a fan of Alice Cooper.  In that case, it's simply amazing!  Oh yeah, it's also directed by Clyde Anderson (otherwise known as Claudio Fragasso).  Don't know who that is?  He also directed the cinematic masterpiece Troll 2.  Yep.  A classic.  


Our Rating:  2/5