Day 16: Evil Dead Trilogy

Without a doubt, the Evil Dead trilogy is my all time favorite horror movie franchise.  The combination of horror and comedy helped to define an entire subgenre of horror movies to follow.  If for some bullshit reason you haven't seen it yet, get out there and get to it.  It follows the story of Ashley J Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his transformation from lowly employee of the S-Mart to a chainsaw handed shotgun wielding badass that kills deadites while cracking wise.  Ash and his group of friends unknowingly resurrect the dead by reading aloud from Necronomicon Ex Mortis, The Book of the Dead.  Throughout the series, the woods come alive and turn Ash's friends into the zombie like Deadites.  It's up to him to send them all back to hell.  The low budget nature of the first Evil Dead film showcases director Sam Raimi and team's ingenuity when it comes to the gore effects.  And there's a lot of it.  The over the top violence and gore turns it into a sick comedy of absurdity.  

As the series progresses, the horror elements slowly make way for more comedy and by the third in the series, Army of Darkness, it's more of an action comedy with horror elements as opposed to the full on horror masterpiece that the original film is.  Evil Dead II is the perfect blend of horror and comedy and truly helped to inspire later films that fall into the horror comedy genre.  It's hero Ash has become a cult icon and turned B movie star Bruce Campbell into a legend of the horror movie industry. 

Evil Dead may not have invented the cabin in the woods subgenre of horror movies, but dammit, it sure did perfect it.  

For more of my thoughts on the Evil Dead trilogy, check out the video linked below.  It goes into more detail on my all time favorite horror movie franchise.  


Our Rating:  5/5


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