Stephen Pearcy / Columbia, SC / 12-18-2003 Concert Review

What do you get when you cross a 1980s hair metal icon, massive promotion and an audience of less than 30 people? Surprisingly, you get a solid rock show that very few care about. Stephen Pearcy, the original lead singer for 80s metal band Ratt, rocked through a set heavily comprised of the hits his former band made famous. After all, according to Pearcy, “I wrote ’em, might as well play ’em.” The band kicked things off with 1984’s “Wanted Man” and had the very small crowd singing along to every word. Contrary to previous reviews, Pearcy didn’t display any of the rock star attitude that he’s been known for. In fact, he seemed humble and genuinely happy to be playing.

Pearcy’s voice has appeared to age a bit as he didn’t scream the high notes as he did in his arena days, but he still sounded like he should. The band was very tight and seemed to be more than happy to be playing some Ratt and Roll. Sounding very much like the group they were emulating, Pearcy’s group of ringers rocked through classics like “Lack of Communication,” “Way Cool Jr.,” “Lay it Down” and “Slip of the Lip.” They even threw in some lesser known songs like “Walking the Dog” and a cover of the Judas Priest song “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.”

Pearcy and company weren’t stuck in the past though. They ventured into material from Pearcy’s last album, 2002’s Social Intercourse. Songs like “Freak” and “In Like Pink” fit in seamlessly between Ratt tracks like “You Think You’re Tough” and “Round and Round.”

Despite the ridiculously low turnout, Pearcy kept thanking the kids who came out to the “small party” and asked to be invited “Back For More.”