Gabby La La / Be Careful What You Wish For / CD Review

Prawn Song Records

Are you sick and tired of the predictability of the radio these days? Do you wish for something far more exciting and interesting? Well, as Gabby La La warns on the title track of her debut album, “Be Careful What You Wish For ‘Cause it Might Come True.” This album is just about the polar opposite of predictability. The Gabby La La disc is the most intriguing album in quite a while. 

Describing it is damn near impossible. Put it this way. If the fairies and elves had a party, they’d invite Gabby along because the pixies thought she was quirky. For all its weirdness, Gabby has crafted some of the catchiest songs ever. I dare you to not get the title track stuck in your head for days. It sounds kind of like a perverted children’s cartoon with its assortment of instruments including accordion, sitar, electric ukulele, Theremin, toy piano and Les Claypool’s slap bass. She warns of cross dressing ghosts, pirates and her dog. She also advises to “brush your teeth” if you have too many sweets. She also waxes philosophical trying to figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg, while “drinking milk until the cows come home.”

Gabby La La’s Be Careful What You Wish For demands multiple listens. After the first time, you have to listen again just to confirm that you really did hear what you thought you did. It’s definitely an acquired taste. If you’re looking for something completely different, Gabby’s not a bad place to start.