Buckcherry / Buckcherry / CD Review

Universal Records

All it takes for a label to rerelease a debut album is a current hit single. As such, that’s exactly what Universal has done with Buckcherry’s self titled debut. Thanks to the success of 15‘s “Crazy Bitch,” we now have a two disc set of the band’s sleazy cock rock debut.

The album kicks off with the hit single and complete KISS rip off “Lit Up.” It’s all too clear that the band is major fans of Ace Frehley after hearing the almost note for note swipe of his “Shock Me.” Up until “Crazy Bitch,” “Lit Up” was the band’s biggest hit single. The rest of the album sounds like a Chris Robinson (of the Black Crowes) fronted Guns ‘n’ Roses covering Aerosmith songs. It’s straight up rock and roll swagger. With odes to cocaine and heartbreak, Buckcherry has crafted a rocking disc that doesn’t sound at all like it came out in the nu-metal era of 1999. They sounded like a veteran band even at this early stage.

In addition to the album, this set contains the band’s first DVD. Thrown on the bonus disc is 7 videos (2 live) of the staples from the album. Also are 3 bonus audio tracks. This is a great set for the low purchase price. If you’re looking for some modern rock that actually doesn’t suck, check out some Buckcherry.