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The Honest to Goodness Podcast

That's right folks, the honest to goodness podcast is coming soon.  The waiting will soon be over.  Wanna know the details on the new show, well...

There's actually going to be two versions of the podcast.  The first will be a weekly "newsy" type show where I talk about big things currently going on in the world of nerdy related news.  Y'know, the comics, the movies, the tv shows, the games.  This will give me a place to talk about these things that my friends and family and are sick to death of hearing me discuss in my real life!

Each episode will roughly be formatted the same way.  I'll discuss the news of the week.  I'll give a preview of anything coming up on the site or the YouTube channel.  Then I'll have an open ended question for listeners to feedback on.  That feedback will be read in the next episode of the show.  This will probably be my favorite part of the show because I'll get to see what other people are thinking about the topics of the week.  Should be good fun.  Finally, I'll end each episode with a track from an unsigned band.  There's a ton of good bands out there that I dig that wouldn't mind a little extra promotion.  If I can turn anyone on to a new band, then my job here is done!

The 2nd version of the podcast will be a longer show.  It'll probably be once a month.  It'll be a Pop Topic program where a co-host and I talk about one particular topic.  You'll get different view points on the same topic and we'll also invite your opinions!

To start off with, I'll be using Spreaker to host the podcast.  I've used them in the past, and they haven't done me wrong.  I'll seek other options once I outgrow that.  But for the time being, it'll serve it's purposes well.  You'll also be able to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

I'm looking forward to bringing PopCultureCast to life.  I hope you'll be here with us for the ride.


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