Weekly Stream Schedule

From now on and in an effort to expand my reach, my plan is to split my streaming time between YouTube and Twitch.  Basically, I'll do one every other day with the other on the other days!  Make sense?  No?  Well, yeah.  

The main games I stream are Dead By Daylight, Friday the 13th, Jackbox Party Pack and random retro NES games.  On any of the PS4 games, I play with viewers.  You're more than welcome to join in.  In fact, my IGN on PS4 is benjimckay.   

This week's stream schedule: 

(All streams start approximately at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.  I'm sometimes late because life and stuffs.  But yeah, I try!  If for some reason I won't be streaming on a particular night, I will post an announcement over on the Twitters so make sure to follow me over there).

  • Sunday - YouTube
  • Monday - NO STREAM - 10 Minutes Alone Video on YouTube
  • Tuesday - Twitch
  • Wednesday - YouTube
  • Thursday - Twitch
  • Friday - YouTube
  • Saturday (later stream)- Twitch 

All of this is subject to change because I'm a person and not a robot.  It would be kind of cool if I was a robot though.  I'd have like lasers and stuffs.  And claw hands.  And I'd shoot acid bullets.

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